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Sound & Waterú Save the Earth sports memorabilia is linking sports with the environment in a big way. Our internet sports auction offers sports enthusiasts signed memorabilia from professional athletes and teams. In turn, Save The Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization donates monies raised by the auction to universities for environmental programs.

Fans want a part of the professional sports world- autographed products and unique items that the player wants to share. We'll offer memorabilia to fans, and we'll include a chunk of environmental awareness with their purchase. By wanting a small part of the sports arena, fans become a vital part of saving the earth.

Our objective is to create intense excitement among sports lovers. Sports fans span the globe-young and old, educated and unschooled, black and white, women and men. Fans share in the riches and the hurts of our environment too. With the help of popular athletes, public personalities, and company sponsors, Sound & Water's Save The Earth Sports acts as a mouthpiece for its participants and a messenger for companies that care about the environment.

Just as earth preservation is needed, so is it our time to get in formation about our duty.

Just as the earth is cultivated by people around the globe, so are Sound & Water's intentions mission and Goal.

..Welcome to the Team.

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