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THINK. ACT. POSITIVE - ( TAP ) information service system is primarily an analogy to the philosophy of spirit sports environment. Mission ad TAP network; focused on open source for development most popular element on planet earth. SoundWater. However as a business we offer a lot more than just innovation advertising system serving your ads platform is your TAP Play. We create, customise and promote your campaigns to get the maximum possible return from your investment. This can be anything from creating ad visuals, position on pages and other social media platforms. With 13 years the experience in the research development. Our field solution propose a strategy that is safe and sound
( Own it! Share it! Be it! With it! ).

The first advantage
of advertising online is that your ad will literally be seen millions of times so it is fantastic for brand recognition. However the main objective of advertising online is usually to increase your direct sales or build up your contact list. In both cases we can help you achieve these goals with our experience in online marketing and social media.
How does it work? has contracts with several of the visited websites that has committed to exchange and display ads on their pages. We serve ads randomly and page views are shared amongst our clients. We carefully choose ad spaces that we believe will return the best results. You pay per 100 impressions (otherwise known as a page views). You only pay for impressions which come from real IP addresses not web bots / spiders. We currently support four internet standard ad sizes (300 x 250), (728 x 90), (468 x 60) and (160 x 600).
Why choose OSBW System?
Our brand is based on a organic philosophy whereby it does more than just put your ad on a website, anyone could do that. We allow you to follow the performance of your ads by counting how many times they have been viewed and how many times they have been clicked. This coupled ( system helps you increase your audience but we can also help you reach your existing audience via email and sms campaigns. ) with the ability to split test several ads makes our 'OSBW' system a marketing teams within itself servicing our them. On top of this we will help you create and learn how to play it on our court and maintain your campaigns. We can design eye-catching ads for you as well as create product specific interface with our theme. Our other social networking is an add value. eg. Facebook (see more in the Social Media Campaigns section).

Globally Inspiring people to utilize their mind as a resource.
Our 'IMNPC' Global advertising network. Has created an unique online marketing strategies for our clients and members.

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