mission width= founder Joseph Renwick Randon, founded the Company in 1998 Feb. 14, As a licensing Agent for Save The Earth.
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Soundwater is a website where you can
directly advertise your brand Sense Software - Improving the existence of mankind. 

as one that embraces the
Think Act Positive message

  • Distance from Houston to Melbourne  width=
    Distance from Houston to Melbourne
    14462 Kilometers / 8987 miles
  • We all hold strong values about the future of our planet and the survival of us people on it;
    but we often do not do a lot about ENGAGING WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE to create good outcomes for both the planet and us.
    On it
Geobody Offense Defense Pose by - model-Joseph Renwick Randon - Photo by Cherie Kroll 

  • To produce knowledge and prepare the next generation of leaders, researchers, and agents of change and well-being in education and the community.

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      Aligning your brand with the SoundWater philosophy attracts that untapped pool of consumers LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE who hold these values dear to their heart; thus, you have engaged with them over the long-term. - Australian 
 width= TAP Australia Membership Interface On, Bloomberg is a premier site for business and financial market news. It delivers world economic news, stock futures, stock quotes, & personal finance advice  
My career in basketball and love for the game brought me back to keep in touch with sport of the game - We Use this illustration as our model in explaining our think Act Positive
I believe it is our channel and our destiny to love one another - welcome to the game
  Our O.S.B.W. acronyms represents our principles and interface our HD analogy for the game ball (TAP) Operating System Band Width
    and the position on the human hand as such acting organically as in the human sense.
    Search our quest to invite you to the play of thinking Acting Positive in your direct environment. Â A custom search engine by 
My career in basketball and love for the game brought me back to keep in touch with sport of the game - 
 width=™ is brand, a UNIQUE WAY TO ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY who hold strong values about our lives and our futures.  It is an OPEN INTERFACE WEBSITE that spreads awareness of your brand or product in the unique .. Think Act Positive Way
    The Players Vision
    Â A custom search engine by 
My career in basketball and love for the game brought me back to keep in touch with sport of the game - 
    Everybody/ Every Human being on the court exist to score
    there are currently three types of conversations Possibilites, Actions, & Resources.. The Art of Movement. - TAP Your Soul In Play™
    Â by the people and for the people

    I would like to thank you for Visiting  our website / brand. We offer  invaluable insights and guidance; as such we distinguished our brand as a public benefit system for communities, leaders who share our passion for human development. - J.R. Randon 
Miami Herald 1988Â 
    When I met Joseph Randon the founder of I was very impressed from his vision: Advertising a better world by the people through their product and services. I was fascinated from this idea. is a platform creating a better business image; this is exactly what I understand under effective advertising. is a network of current customers, attracts new customers and establishes a favourable position for the business with competitors. Advertising by is communicating a sales message: advertising a better world by my product or by my service. Advertising by is an investment in the future of the business. I did not need any further arguments to understand: has a huge potential as an effective advertising tool. This was the reason why I decided to invest in GABO-Mi.Com

    Advertising on
    Why advertise with us? is values-based brand building and positioning; interfaced as an HD model  used by millions of people worldwide. Our user range  is broad and users come from all over the world. We attract millions of people from various professions, educational backgrounds, geographic regions, income groups, lifestyle groups, and interest groups.   Advertising Policy mainly accepts banner advertisements. Our advertising policy is that there must be a fine balance between advertising content  and website users’ needs. Therefore, it is important to feature advertising content that is not offensive or annoying to viewers. Advertising arrangements  must be undertaken in a fair and responsible manner. We accept advertising under strict guidelines and appreciate that our advertisers value their role as responsible advertisers.
Sound & Water Mission - Court 
    Taking A Second to Think #4
    Please keep in mind this website has a lot to offer and one day soon will become a useful site and prove successful.

    I have labored  countless hours day in and day out.

     I have travel hundreds of thousands of miles  researching, gathering data and talking about the ideas to improve our environment.
    I have photographed thousands  of people from many different countries, cities, places.. etc..
    Spirit, Sports, Environment - 

  • Business Model Works in Progress HD - Human Development Program - Improving the existence of Mankind

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  • B.D. The opportunity is ahead always a work in progress. We are getting excited for the next quarter...

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    New Millennium Mission Tour - Believe In You..

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  • New Orleans Doc News Special w/ Master P 1996
  • Impacting Climate Change Wind Power | Solar Power Waste Management
    We Are About! Better Air. Better Water. Increasing Public Participation. Promoting Clean Energy. People Power. Social Stability.
    On TeamOneAsia
    Inspiring & Motivating All Of Asia

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    2 Sec High Speed trading.. University Michigan
    Thomson Reuters Gives Elite Traders Advantage
    Aviation Industry
    All You Can Fly The origins of computer weather prediction and climate modeling  
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    Hi J. I'm a seminar this afternoon. I will call you as soon as I can. Everything that you are sending falls inline with the core focus of SoundWater. I really like the direction.
    Hi renwick!.. SoundWater-logo proposal
  • A Quote for the Day! By Charles Pharms !!! - Defensive Back Kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish much! Blaise Pascal
  • 49th The Film - The Writer
    What's the Master Plan.. Improving the existence of Mankind
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    Act of Kindness
    Team Education
  • The Student Connection - Hampton University I am fortunate enough to say that I have developed some good relationships during my time here at Hampton

  • Welcome to Rice University. Rice. Take a virtual tour with us and experience our 300-acre campus arboretum and its urban surroundings. From labs and ..

  • Salt & the Athlete Recently, Americans have been urged to pay more attention to their sodium intake. Decades ago, all foods seemed heavily salted
  • Alumni - Benefits All graduates of the University of Miami are given a free lifetime membership in the University of Miami Alumni Association and have access to special ...
    The Future of -Improving

    Entrepreneurs ON - The American Dream....

  • The idea behind the Model Story

  • - Advertising the Health & Wellness Industry -

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    This is a good move for you to do - building a social networking presence - go for it! M.
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  • Australia A Great Place to Visit, Live, and Explore - Come DownUnder Mate Improving the existence of Mankind
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    The Power of Partnership

    One Team One Dream ...

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