est 1998 founded by Joseph Renwick Randon was on B.F. Terry High School
  Basketball Team that won the first District Championship - Graduated from the University of Miami 1992

Big Prayer Museum
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"Thinking and acting positive
while inspiring people to think and act from their conscience.
Using the mind as a resource."

T.A.P.™ A Global Game, Portal Concept Advertising Your (tap) Play : Think Act Positive
  • Time Alive Perspective
  • Geobody "Some People Say it's a Perfect fit" newbalance play Your Ad  align=
    SoundWater, HD Player Sense designed by
 Joseph Renwick Randon

    The Concept is Team
    Process in the New Millenium

    Faith | Spirit
    Hope | Sports
    Love | Environment"
    Court Center | Philosophy
    Sound - Men | Water - Women
    All for One & One for All (Team)
    Left benchmark
    Conscience Play ( Players)
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    T.A.P. Soul in Play™
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    Welcome to the Game
    T.A.P., Think. Act. Positive
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    Processing In the New Millennium.
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    Our Goal is,
    Team Preparing For Heaven On Earth™

    "Our Program is a Philosophical Formula - T.A.P. Orientation " By J. Renwick Randon

    T.A.P.     Time Alive Perspective
  • Acknowlegments: My sincere gratitude to all - mankind.
  • Introducing's:
    'TAP' the acronym which represents
    Think. Act. Positive.™

    Lean in when we feel..know what is true, the moment wants to teach us...
    ( I must tell a bit of history how i came up with this philosophy, when was the turning point..) To be continued (founder)

    Can you hear that...Describe what you hear
    A Goal We Can Believe In.. Divine Inspiration

    The Story, Beyond it.. The Genius Part

    Click In T.A.P. On!

    Human Passion, Celebrating The Human Senses : GeoBody Model Techique™

    Global Game ; Open Court™ T.A.P. into the M.A.P. Play | Global Portal Advertising Your Program

    T.A.P Conduit
    Portal Interface
    Welcome to the Team !™ is a global information structure building an environmental internet portal organically focusing to inspire individuals and corporations to become better stewards of the earth.
    Team Preparing For Heaven on Earth

    All For One
    Team One All islands

    Team One Africa
    Team One Asia
    Team One Australia
    Team One Canada
    Team One Caribbean
    Team One Central America
    Team One Europe
    Team One Iceland
    Team One Indigenous
    Team One Middle East
    Team One South America
    Team One USA

    Environmental Communication™

    " stand to offer a solution to this century's complex problems because its objective is to establish a forum using the latest and most efficient medium of communications for people to re-evaluate their stand in relation to matters related to environnment. The human beings today are merely talking about stewardship and environmental concerns without reference to fundamental questions of why should we be concerned ? It is imperative to address this question adequately before dealing with 'how'. The answer is to be rooted in linking the earth with the heaven as being in harmony". Wycliffecollege, Toronto, ON
    Randon your presentation was excellent 'J.Mulongo'
    We are Writing the Book
    photo Tim Lynch photography
    , Boston Garden backdrop Painter Mark Hunt, Uniform Donated by the University of Miami Model/Art Design Joseph Renwick Randon

  • T.A.P. A State of Art Theme. "The ingredient cirrounding the development has passion, integrity, real life experiences and most of all an sincere desire to have an positive impact on mankind. I consider the words Spirit, Sports, Environment as the applicator in our philosophy. The wherewithal is a barometer holding the elements of metaphysics at hand." joseph Randon

    Thank you for visiting and supporting our Dream.
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    'I don't think we've been properly introduced..' Network Solution advertise account sponsored link
    Contributing to an environmentally-friendly network
    of people, products and services
  • Serving as a mouthpiece for the environment
  • Marketing, advertising & promoting the environment
  • Finding results in our environment & using the consciouness as a resource.

    You can help us build a profitable lifetime relationship.
    We are confident that your expertise will help us
    drive strategies and executions that will leverage our
    online experience, reaching out to one another,
    inside a deeper smile.

    We will deliver more than a message of value,
    we will deliver a relevant experience that engages,
    motivates, meets the needs, and enhances our environment
    for not only your customers but for the future generations. Logo Own it-2-18-2010, Team Preparing for Heaven on Earth

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    ™ System Solution

    Think. Act. Positive.
    Educating public via grass-roots, alternative and new medias.

    Unity! Share our initiatives:
    We are truly a work-in-progress.
    Our business is your business,
    (sponsored link) University of Texas "being the Central Root Post"
    together we must start to address
    a global way of thinking,
    and mobilize our actions for the humanitarian cause.
    To improve our environment, we must establish
    a tangible roadmap
    to accelerate mankind's collective performances.

    Our services are focused to integrate
    what we know and what we have learned
    to help us reach our goals. Logo share it-2-18-2010, Team Preparing for Heaven on Earth

    All rights reserved, Sound & Water™ Inc.,™ LLC, (T.A.P.) Copyright 1998-2010 Joseph Renwick Randon.
    The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, retransmitting, or repurposing of any copyright-protected material.™ RD2 software
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    ™ Band Mankind

    Uniting culture via personal expressions
    of spiritual and environmental awareness.
    Providing creative and marketing resources to rekindle
    the message of personal responsibility and truth:
    Our Formation is Love

    Great News expect to see logo
    As you experience The Sound of Starbucks | Hear Music
    Our T.E.A.M. equals Together Everyone Achieves More.
    We are focused to assemble the most talented teams,
    to perpetuate our thought process positively,
    now and even forever more.
    We are the channel for a responsible self-management
    tool, to enhance diversity and independence,
    and to cultivate the creativity in learning.
    Marketing Model Roca Wear Clothing
    We will facilitate partnerships between leaders for
    streamline development, reducing costs and
    delivering measured value to the audience (our environment). Logo Be it-2-18-2010, Team Preparing for Heaven on Earth

    All rights reserved, Sound & Water™ Inc.,™ LLC, (T.A.P.) Copyright 1998-2010 Joseph Renwick Randon.
    The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, retransmitting, or repurposing of any copyright-protected material.™ RD2 software
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    ™ Universal Width

    BurBerry (sponsored link)
    Consciousness and awareness gained from
    rekindling our responsibility as stewards of the earth.
    Seeing the results of positive action.

    Works in Progress
    Rice University 2010
    Our mission is critical, we plan to establish
    a Sound-Geographical information system.
    We recognize the value to form alliances
    between individuals, corporates and organizations
    (people from all walks of life).
    You will help us to integrate
    You will help us supply an infrastructure for teamwork.

    We plan to share our formula
    and extend our strategic capabilities
    to those who feel the same responsibility
    about our environment. Logo with it-2-18-2010, Team Preparing for Heaven on Earth

    All rights reserved, Sound & Water™ Inc.,™ LLC, (T.A.P.) Copyright 1998-2010 Joseph Renwick Randon.
    The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, retransmitting, or repurposing of any copyright-protected material.™ RD2 software
    information & advertisement System; Internet Portal License Brand Endorsement socially engineered as public benefit system

    Engaging our mission and a goal by promoting the positive, we market the positive aspects of companies, organizations, and indivduals. We are dedicated to our positive earth movement to build a global structure with all mankind. @, information is our essential element as our lines combine marketing, networking, and positive communicaiton. We aim to provide the best information system to promote products and services that benefit mankind.
    We cordially invite you to feel the drive within™ Contact - Join - Participate - Get you ad in the Game
    setting up and presenting our concept as an active approach towards Enrolling our sponsors/advertiser's. Our court model interface is providing the current structure. If your interested please send your email to Special Thanks to all. Individuals and Companies who have contributed during incubator period. Our Website is Underconstruction. company Wanny Tang Fashion Designer - Welcome to the Team Concept: Court Model Interface               eye wear by silhouette Company With it! See in the Play
    ( click here to Play ) Wannytang Inspire Concepts Limited

    Pangea Software: Nano KONICA MINOLTA | NEW LIGHT
    Divine Inspiration™ Divine Inspiration | Human Development -
    A Goal We Can Believe In.. Divine Inspiration, founder

    Definition of Strategy
    within our approach, the strategy is to educate & bring awareness to mankind.

    We are Committed to the Environment and increasing Sensitivity and Self-awareness of the SOUND that is Harmonious to Life. We are Dedicated to the concept of T.A.P. (Think. Act. Positive.). Our Foundation Endeavors is to build on one of God's greatest Gifts to Mankind : Faith, Hope and Love. Our Team's Mission is to Rekindle the Concepts of total Responsibility and Stewardship of the Environment for future Generations."

    (Our Goal ) " To Prepare Mankind for Heaven On Earth "

    It's Our First Decade 2010
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    Contact information Guide

    TAP to view 'Be it! Signature Pose'
    photo by Cherie Kroll & model concept design by J.R. Randon

    Purchase Be it! Signature Pose "Connecting Spiritual Harmony Between the East & West" Today (shipping and handling include + GeoBody M.T.™ instruction

  • Setting up a Menu for People to Understand
    " uses Spirit, Sports, Environment as an metaphor, thereby giving it's own brandname a position as well as it's own identity.
  • Integrating the Network design Function.. ( maximum security.. ) SoundWater, (Conscious play) labelling our character, and the players. We are formulating an information architectural analysis to support our environmental communication system. Our theme encompass people from all walks of life use Sound & Water, as a protocol."
  • What is the History about Sound & Water,
    This history extends back in the early ninety's. The term Sound & Water came about througth an spiritual revelations back in 1996. The element of these words became immediately fixated as in an eternal bond whereas the concept of marriage is understood for life. The journey, has taken on an unique experience cultivating a futuristic pathway. I consider my career in basketball and working for the Save The Earth Corp./ Foundation contributing factors. Mr. Pargman, founder of Save The Earth Foundation, idea to link sports/athletes with the environment, founder provided an plausible strategy. In 1996 I developed Save The Earth Sports, designed to auction off sports memorabilia on the internet. In 1998 I became an licening agent for Save The Earth Company. Whereas, I used Sound & Water as my Marketing company. As a Licensing agent I design a concept to engage the market. The operation function of the concept, served as a basis to interact with all industries. Embarking on an new frontier, and facing the chanlleges as a blackman in America. I evovled, in 2000 targeting the New Millennium theme I set out to make a tour across america with my computer and digital camera. Promoting the concept on an grassroot level and building an opensource concept in connect to build an public benefit system, thus establishing an IT Platform. Engaging public market on an organic process. The momentum built each year thereafter cultivating a global network.

    Suggested Idea and Projects ...
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  • International Calling

  • taste satisfaction - ferrero

    photograph by Cherie Kroll

    photograph by Tim Lynch

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    Currently, I can not bring the full understand, because of the (it) factor and that format, I hope to one day publish my position concern the nature of information technology. founder of

    We all Benefit From Great Ideas.

  • Telecommunication advertiser's Wanted
  • T.A.P. into the M.A.P.™ Information System
  • The Concept of the Court is our Universe
    TAP, It's a think act positive Navigation System. Website Development in progress website Notes; setting up a global portal information structure. Making the play by selecting advertisers and enrolling companies, products and services; (participate shoot the ball). Our online Game strategy is interfacing individuals and organization with e.g. court model illustration. To formula is improving our environment as a work in progress. We Welcome you to help us write the book.
  • Our Role Letter Activates Your participation
    people from all walks of life, young, old, educated, unschooled, individuals, teams, companies, organization etc. Our online O.S.B.W.â“¢Game strategy is an function to interact with our advertisement system as well as our philosophy. Designed to delivery a public benefit .
  • How to Play it on Our Court--->T.A.P., Team Preparing for Heaven on Earth
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  • Place Your Ad with us and use Website as your investment vehicle Physically, Mentally, and Socially

  • The Environment is our Play Ground!

    Endless Possibilities.. Why Not T.A.P.

    Offering Excellent Services™| Operating System Band Width

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    Nosotros estamos cometido al envariamento, y sensitividad y consciente del Sonido que es la harmonia de la vida. Estamos dedicados al concepto de T.A.P.( Think. Act. Positive) El Concepto es Pensar y actuar positivo. Nuestra fundacion quiere crear, uno de los regalos mas grande de Dios, para el universo. Fe, Esperansar y Amor. La mision de nuestro equipo es realumbrar el concepto de responsabilila total. Para podere guiar el envariamento para nuestras generaciones.

    El Equipo Preparandose para el Cielo en la Tierra  




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    Installing Love
    Do U Have the Power to Love?

    Mission Tour Journey
    "T.A.P Soul in Play™"
    Joseph Renwick Randon,founder rasied in Fulshear,Tx
    Faith, Hope, and Love

    "He is blessed with great passing ability." said his coach Fletcher Walker. "He's not only a great jumper but he has a great arm span (seven feet) that allows him to play much bigger than he is."

    copyright 1988 Miami Herald

    Full Court Press

    "that's what an unknown gentleman said to me. Thanks Berkely California 2000

    Inventive Method
    Information Retrievable Systems

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT  Feb. 2000 Oakland California Feb. 14,2002 4th anniversary

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    Because of his commitment to humanity- we are able to recommit ourselves in the dream.
    ReThinking Beyond Measures...

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    USA Feb. 2002
    Black History Month
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    "Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Right.. Don't Give Up the Fight" All Respects Bob Marley
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