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Feel See Smell Taste Hear Bridging the Gap for Environmental Solutions" emerges as a beacon of hope in the face of our century's complex problems.
With a clear objective to establish an innovative and efficient communication platform, it provides a forum for individuals to re-evaluate their stance on environmental matters.

In today's world, discussions on stewardship and environmental concerns often lack a foundation built upon fundamental questions. aims to address the crucial question of "why should we be concerned?" before delving into the realm of "how."

Rooted in the harmonious connection between the earth and the heavens, the answer lies in understanding this intrinsic bond. By exploring the profound relationship between humanity and the environment, seeks to inspire a deeper sense of responsibility and stewardship.

It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge the commendable presentation by Joseph Renwick Randon at Wycliffe College, Toronto in 2001. Your insights have paved the way for a renewed perspective on our environmental challenges.

Think Act Positive

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Photo taken 2000 Fulshear Texas Ashley & Octiva - & Save the Earth Tour Card - 
  We invite you by saying Yes to the Environment.. Court

Ashley & Octiva 2000

All rights reserved, Sound & Water™ Inc.,™ LLC, (T.A.P.) Copyright 1998-2023 founder Joseph Renwick Randon, founded the Company in 1998 Feb. 14, As a licensing Agent for Save The Earth.

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